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Asko Nivala
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Childe Harold's Alternative Grand Tour

In 1809, Lord Byron embarked his Grand Tour to the Continent. Because of the Napoleonic Wars, the traditional itinerary to Rome and Naples via Paris, Rhine and the Alps was impossible for a British aristocrat, while these areas were in the control of Napoleon's troops. This resulted in Byron's alternative Mediterranean Grand Tour to Portugal, Spain, Malta, Greece, Albania and the Ottoman Empire. Originally Byron planned that he would continue to the Orient, visiting India, but returned home from Constantinople. In the Canto I and Canto II of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Byron's narrates his journey.


"On, on the vessel flies, the land is gone, And winds are rude in Biscay’s sleepless bay." (Lord Byron, CHP, Canto I:14.)

"What beauties doth Lisboa first unfold!" (Lord Byron, CHP, Canto I:16)

"Yet Mafra shall one moment claim delay / Where dwelt of yore the Lusians' luckless queen" Byron, CPH, Canto I: 29.


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